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      Odoo – Beispiel 1 für drei Spalten

      Large Water room boiler

      Odoo – Beispiel 2 für drei Spalten

      Rapid steam generator

      Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

      Electric steam generator

      Odoo – Beispiel 3 für drei Spalten

      Electric-gas Combination

      This type of plant is predestined for 24/7 continous operation in large productions

      • Robust operation with higher fault tolerance
      • Better cushions small unforeseen steam fluctuations
      • Possible more efficient energy use of water by avoiding a water separator. 
      • High efficiency with uniform continuous steam consumption
      • Large steam quantities per boiler possible

      This type of plant can be adapted quickly and modularly to fluctuating steam quantities

      • Simple scaling up and down of the required steam quantity by parallel operation of several rapid steam generators
      • Less expensive redundancy guarantee due to parallel operation
      • More efficient operation with large fluctuations in daily steam consumption
      • Quick on/off when steam is not needed all day long

      This type of plant requires fewer additional components and can be used modularly

      • Omission of exhaust systems and combustion devices
      • Requires suitable power infrastructure for power supply
      • Quick on/off when steam is not needed all day long
      • Subsidy benefits due to the elimination of fossil fuels
      • Very fast steam consumption possible

      This type of system is more independent of the energy source and can be combined with solar power 

      • Parallel operation of rapid steam generator(s) and electric steam generator(s) to adapt to fluctuations in raw material costs
      • Can use solar power excess capacity in summer and gas in winter
      • Quick on/off when steam is not needed all day long
      • Subsidy benefits due to reduction of fossil fuels
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      Optionale Produkte

      Depending on the different steam consumers, other products may/must be integrated into the steam boiler system.


      The feedwater vessel is used for the preparation, degassing and intermediate storage of the boiler water. Based on the required steam quantity and the type of steam boiler system, the feedwater vessel is designed and equipped with the appropriate fittings.


      Redundant pump group for conveying the hot feed water to the steam generator.


      Mixing cooler or also pinch-off cooler as collecting tank and cooling station for waste water leaving the steam circuit. Completely welded, pinch-pickled and pressure tested if necessary.


      Collection tank for the returning condensate. With lifting station/pump group for return to the feed water vessel.


      Station for taking treated water, boiler water, feed water, etc. for prescribed water value monitoring.




      Heat exchanger to preheat the feed water and further cool down the flue gases.


      Chimney system to remove the flue gases.

      Piping construction steam boiler house

      Complete piping of steam and condensate lines within the steam boiler system to the steam distributor. Additional piping such as gas/oil piping, blow-off piping, fresh water piping is also performed.

      Pipeline construction periphery

      Piping of steam and condensate lines from steam distributors to the various steam consumers. Steam-compliant piping in various materials (1.44/1.43, black steel) for connection and medium exchange in the steam piping network.

      Pure steam generator/steam converter station

      Stations for forming different media such as steam/steam or water/steam.