Perfection made to measure - delivered on time 

 We are oriented towards the wishes of our customers. The fulfillment of your requirements, expectations and needs is our ultimate goal.
As an SME with flat structures, we have short lead times and can therefore supply you on time.
Our strengths lie in the complete processing of single pieces and small series.

Our services range from the procurement of materials and the manufacture of your precision components to heat and surface treatment. Most commonly we process mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. As a further service we inscribe your parts on request.made to measure - delivered on time

We turn and mill for you 

Your turned and milled parts manufactured according to your wishes and needs - delivered on time 

Our CNC machinery

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- X-axis travel: 1050 mm

- Y-axis travel: 600 mm

- Z-axis travel: 625 mm

              MATO MBV-8

              - X-axis travel: 800 mm 

              - Y-axis travel: 460 mm 

              - Z-axis travel: 520 mm

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              AWEA AF-1000

              mit 5-axis turntable

              - X-axis travel: 300mm

              - Y-axis travel: 300mm 

              - Z-axis travel: 200mm

              - B-axis travel: 90

              - C-axis travel: 360°

              AWEA AF-1000

              - X-axis travel: 1020mm 

              - Y-axis travel: 550mm 

              - Verfahrweg Z- Achse: 550mm

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              AWEA   AF-1460        
              - Verfahrweg X- Achse: 1400mm

              - Verfahrweg Y- Achse: 620mm

              - Y-axis travel: 550mm

              OKUMA LB15-II-1SC

              - Rotation range from ø10mm to ø250mm

              - Drehlänge: 450mm

              - Shaft diffuser: ø70mm

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              OKUMA LB300M-1SC
              - Rotation range from ø8 mm to ø250mm

              - Tip length: 520mm

              - Shaft diffuser: ø70mm




              OKUMA LB3000 EX II

              - Rotation range form ø10mm to ø250mm

              - Tip length: 450mm

              - Shaft diffuser: ø70mm


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              Contact us for your individual offer.

              Turned and milled parts - to size and on time