Steam Quantity Measurement

Dampfmengenmessung Gründe und Methoden

There are numerous good reasons for measuring the steam consumption of a steam system. The most important one is saving energy costs. Steam is produced in the billions in some industrialized countries, but often much more than is actually used. To counteract this, the steam consumption of each steam plant should be precisely measured.   

Continuous monitoring of consumption by means of suitable measuring equipment also helps to optimize processes and to allocate costs incurred according to their cause.   

Precise measurement of steam consumption is sometimes difficult due to the fluctuating aggregate state of steam, which is seldom in the form of pure saturated steam. Only in the case of saturated steam, however, is there a clear relationship between pressure and temperature.   

Methoden der Dampfmengenmessung

The density of water vapor is therefore not a constant value, but results from the partly fluctuating relationship between pressure and temperature. It is therefore important that these two values are also measured in addition to the volume flow. The change in vapor density must always be recorded and documented, and the digital components of the measuring systems play an important role here. 

The measuring system must also provide precise figures even at high temperatures and high pressure, so it is all the more important here to select a high-quality measuring system. 

The amount of steam passed through a system in a given time depends on several factors: flow velocity, viscosity of the steam, steam density, diameter of the pipe, and friction.   

The volumetric flow rate, or flow rate of the steam, can be found out using several measurement techniques. If the volumetric flow is multiplied by the pressure of the steam, the mass flow is obtained. This value indicates the consumption of mass units and is therefore the decisive value for measuring the quantity of steam.   

Usually, by inserting a plate or float, the flow of steam in the pipe is measured and the results are sent to a computer. Each measurement technique has its own advantages and disadvantages and is sometimes only applicable in special circumstances.   

A computer displays the current steam flow rate, as well as pressure and total consumption, ensuring constant control and measurement of the amount of steam. The digital component also warns when the temperature limit is reached. Thus, in addition to costs, the safety of steam production can be monitored.  

Weiterführende Informationen

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