How much digitization can a steam plant take?

How much digitization can a steam plant take?   

The increasing digitization of the working world does not stop with steam plants. These are increasingly being equipped with extensive digital equipment. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at these components and how they can enrich the functionality of a steam plant.   

The discovery of optimization potential

Two crucial areas to improve with the digitization of a steam plant are efficiency and the exploitation of optimization potential.   

Recording the overall performance of a plant using specialized software can help uncover optimization potential. In this way, the plants meet the demand for ever more innovation and progress. The safety of steam plants should also be ensured in the long term with the help of digital elements.   

Digital twin

Professional software allows maintenance and service of individual machines and entire plants without being on site. The concept of the "digital twin", on the other hand, means the complete digital modeling of steam plants, thus enabling, among other things, an analysis of the complete product life cycle of a plant.   

Burner heating

An important element of the steam plant, which has been equipped with digital components for a long time, is the burner of the steam plants. It is responsible for the combustion of raw materials such as oil or gas and ensures the conversion of chemical energy into thermal energy.   

If the raw materials for heating run out, the pilot flame of the burner must be switched off immediately, so monitoring of the burner is mandatory. In some cases, this is ensured with microprocessors, and burners often also have displays and PC components that enable remote data evaluation and diagnostics.   

Conclusion and further information

The digital services of information and communications technology (ICT) that accompany products will continue to play an increasingly important role in mechanical engineering in the future.   

They improve both the efficiency and the safety of steam plants and can also mean cost savings. Aerni AG closely follows developments in digitalization and can help you make your steam plant competitive in the long run. Make a no-obligation appointment with one of our digitization experts and bring your steam plant up to date.   

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