Energy independence

Zweistoffbrenner - Eine Option in Zeiten unsicherer Gaslieferungen

In times of increasingly uncertain gas supplies, more and more customers are looking for a crisis-proof alternative for operating their steam systems. Rising fuel costs can make it necessary to switch quickly from one fuel to another. To avoid plant shutdowns, it is essential to find a suitable solution and to be able to fall back on other raw materials in good time. 

Stillstand der Dampfanlage vermeiden

A promising option are so-called dual-fuel burners, which process both gas and oil. The burners control the heat supply to the steam plant by burning gaseous or liquid fuels, thus generating thermal energy. 

Dual-fuel burners can burn oil and gas simultaneously or alternately. Practical application shows that plants with dual-fuel burners are economical and not susceptible to malfunctions. The long service life of dual fuel burners is also an argument for changing from conventional burners. 

Funktionsweise und Vorteile Zweistoffbrenner

Dual fuel burners have several oil hoses through which the oil is transported, as well as a gas fitting. 

A toggle switch allows switching from oil to gas operation, even while the machine is in operation. 

The initial start-up of a dual fuel burner is uncomplicated and can be carried out by one person, so there is hardly any additional work involved in commissioning. Digital components such as displays and PC modules additionally facilitate operation of the latest generation of dual-substance burners. 

Bereitstellung der Rohstoffe

By contrast, the supply of the raw materials oil and gas is considerably more complicated. The location where the steam generator is used plays a major role in terms of the availability of the raw materials. The oil is usually delivered by tanker truck, and for the gas there must be an appropriately equipped gas network. This infrastructure must be in place for the efficient use of dual-fuel burners. 

Therefore, in order to create the appropriate infrastructure and install a dual fuel burner, the following steps can be taken: an oil pipeline must be built, and this pipeline must be continuously checked for leaks. Then oil tanks must be built to ensure the continuous supply of oil. The oil must be brought to the burner via an oil pipeline with an oil pump; both pipeline and pump must be carefully planned and implemented. 

Fazit und Zusatzinformationen

Steam plants equipped with dual fuel burners are suitable to face the uncertain supply of gas in the future well prepared. 

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